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ASE: Promoting excellence in auto repair and service.

What is ASE Certification?

The ASE Certification, created by the non-profit National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, brings that peace of mind and security to vehicle owners, by testing and certifying automotive professionals. The ASE Certification has been in existence since 1972, and has now become the standard of excellence for employing every automotive professional. Automotive professionals who carry this certification are seen as experts in their field; having a high level of professionalism, proper training, and a commitment to continuing their automotive education.

How does an ASE Certification work?

Auto mechanics who are ASE certified are seen as quality candidates for employment in the automobile industry. There are very specific requirements and criteria that auto mechanics must meet to apply for an ASE certification. The applicant must be able to show at least two years of automotive work experience, and must be able to complete and pass one of the specialty exams. The test is only offered twice a year for those who are interested in obtaining the certification. The ASE tests come in a wide array of subject matters, and mechanics can choose a specific type of ASE certification; from brakes and suspensions to heating and cooling systems. It is an ASE requirement that all certified automotive professionals renew this certification every five years.

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